Healthy eating

Protein-rich nutrition is on everyone's lips. There are a lot of positive reports as well as clear opposing opinions. The bottom line is that the truth is always somewhere in the middle. Because everyone needs a different amount of nutrients, including proteins. There are some rough guidelines that are shown in the various reports. You will find a few examples linked below. Athletes, on the other hand, need significantly more protein to promote muscle building.

Benefits of high protein nutrition

Protein is healthy

Vegan sources of protein

Proteins in diats

Proteine in muscle building and fat loss

However, it can be said that for most customers it is less interesting to significantly increase their protein intake, since the daily ration is usually fulfilled quickly. The important aspect is that protein-rich foods contain fewer carbohydrates and fill you up longer. Therefore, these products are very good means of consuming less weight during the day and at the same time enjoying the full taste. We combine protein-rich food in the sense of low-carb with low-sugar, low-calorie and vegan products in order to be able to offer a complete portfolio. Whether you want to keep your weight, lose weight or tone and shape your figure, we offer you the right nutrition with full enjoyment. We would also like to support vegans and diabetics to make their meals and snacks enjoyable.

Overall, with our product range from breakfast, with our product selection Fit for the day, through snacks for in between to the highlight of the day as the main meal for every time of day, we want to offer a delicious and healthy variety of food. Our changing products in the area of ​​useful things for daily use round off the portfolio so that the Fitnessangels brand can also become a constant companion of your day.

There are innumerable diets and guidelines, and they are all truthful. For yourself, you can usually only achieve your goal by trying different approaches or through individual nutritional advice. In any case, we have a wide selection of products that can be combined with the many diets and also with the many different recipes and tastefully support you on the way to your goal. We are also happy to include tips on product recommendations and consider expanding the range.

Please always pay attention to the information on the contents of the individual products. If you are unsure what amounts of nutrients and ingredients you can tolerate or your body needs, consult a specialist.